Wednesday, 28 October 2009

What really happened?

This is what happened and it's from more than one eye witness and from my own personal interactions with him.

Jeff was not a drug dealer. He was beat up by 2 drug users/dealers from suite 104 within 2 hours of him being shot dead by RCMP though.

Long Story:
Jeff Hughes Lived at suite 101 on 531 Selby street in the "ghetto/indian" part of town in Nanaimo because that is all he could afford due to his debilitating nerve disorder that kept him from working full time. He was a proud White Nationalist, and like any upstanding White Nationalist he tried to get along with everybody even his non-white neighbours as best he could. From time to time he even would get milk and other items for a disabled Indian/Cree woman that was one of his neighbours. He was a certified computer technician part-time when his disorder allowed him to be, he received a degree from the Carleton University in Ottawa.

He was not a drug dealer
and even had a sign on his door stating this so people would stop banging on his door at 3am looking for drugs(Image of his door sign attached in this post) Why did people bang on his door for drugs? Because his neighbours were drug dealers.

Jeff was suffering from a constant state of sleep deprivation most times because people kept banging on his door for drugs and because his neighbours in suite 102, and 104 and building 525 were constantly playing their loud rap music between 11:00 PM and 8:00am most nights and mornings, including the Friday morning he was shot by the RCMP.

This is what started the whole chain of events.
On Friday morning between between 12:00AM and 6 am, his neighbours in suite 102 and 104 were playing loud rap music and the police did nothing because his other neighbour in suite 103 was away. Why is that important? The Police would not resolve a noise violation if Jeff Hughes was the victim, only if he was one of the people committing a noise violation.

The RCMP, including Sgt.McGowan of the anti-hate squad had harassed and knocked on Jeff's door before for handing out literature promoting European Canadian Values and expressing his anti-immigration views. The RCMP did not attempt to resolve the noise problem when the people in suite 102 and 104 were playing loud rap music that morning. This meant that Jeff was forced to resolve it himself.

Now when his neighbours in suite 102 and 104(who are drug users, and highly likely dealers as well) played their loud rap music between 3-6am in the morning, Jeff confronted them and urged them to stop. That is when the two males from suite 104 assaulted and viciously attacked Jeff Hughes. Jeff Hughes then retreated to his house, and most likely was thinking how helpless he was because the RCMP already had a history of not coming to resolve issues if he was the victim. So yet again, Jeff had to deal with the problem the best he could alone, and he may have prepared himself for a home invasion by the drug dealers that had already assaulted him between 3 and 6am on the Friday morning.

Jeff had no help from the RCMP when his neighbours assaulted him and continued playing their loud music, so he sat at home, cranked up his stereo to get back at them. If he was violent and armed, why wouldn't he have just shot the the violent drug dealers instead of turning up his music and sitting on his couch?

He may or may not have been armed, it's unknown. So , he had a stereo battle with his neighbours who had caused him at least 48 hours of sleep deprivation and assaulted him viciously. Now, unfortunately, the tenants in suite 103 came home intoxicated and reported that the people in suite 101,102, and 104 were playing their music excessively loud. Only then did the RCMP decide to resolve the issue because the person making the complaint was not a "white nationalist", but instead a drunken Indian. The RCMP did not come out because the neighbours in suite 102 and 104 were playing their music excessively loud, they came out only because now they were in a position where they could yet again harass and intimidate Jeff Hughes for being a thought-criminal.

Now, when 2 members of the RCMP came in 1 squad car around 6am, Jeff refused to come out and talk because the RCMP had a history of intimidating and harassing him. He at that point was under no obligation to leave his premise, but he may have said something offensive to the RCMP that resulted in 1 more squad car with 2 more RCMP coming to 531 Selby.

In Jeff's sleep deprived and possibly concussive state, he may have thought the drug dealers were trying to trick him into opening his door up so they could assault him again for playing his music loud. Home Invasions are commonly done by people dressed as police officers and is the common method of invasions in United States, especially the state of texas.

Though, when Jeff retaliated in a non-violent acoustic manner, with his words or his stereo, that's when the police came out. After the other two officers arrived shortly after 6am, making a total of 4, that is when the shooting occurred. But, right before the other two officers arrived, they had called an ambulance first. They had no intention of using less-lethal force, and came in with bad intentions from the start and fired 10 shots at Jeff the moment they saw him. If they just let him be he would have fallen asleep most likely.

Now, if he was on his balcony when shot rather than in his suite, then they must be good shots and hit him 10/10 times, because there were no gunshot holes on the outside of the building. Also, that means he did not fire any weapon from inside his residence towards the police outside because his window and door had no damage either.

If Jeff did have a weapon, why didn't he use it against the 2 drug dealers that assaulted him? If he had a weapon, why didn't he fire any shots as his residence was being broken into by the RCMP? Why didn't the RCMP have tasers or tear gas to neutralize a sleep deprived and physically injured person? Jeff only had 30 percent feeling in his hands due to his medical condition. Also, if he really was a threat, why was it only 1 female RCMP officer of the 4 that fired all the shots? Did she have a moment of panic? Did her partners not fire because they recognized Jeff was not a threat? Another question, did the police at the time know Jeff had been assaulted? Jeff could have been suffering from concussive delirium from the assault an hour earlier. If they had time to wait for 2 more RCMP members to arrive why didn't they make sure they brought a taser,pepper spray fogger, smoke grenade, flash bang grenade, tear gas, bean bag gun, or a net so they could subdue him in a less-lethal manner?

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  1. These are all valid points that need to be answered, but they will not be answered because they know they already have gotten away with it. I am afraid anyone who pushes anything further will end up like Jeff, Robert, Viky, Cathy, David,etc.
    Something needs to be though, because this is outrageous and unexceptable, because I also live in Everett, about 45 minutes away from the Vancouver border, and live in the same crap-hole Jeff Hughes lives in, and I also endure a lot of illnesses Jeff does as well.

    If he has any family my prayers are with them, but enoguh of this abuse already. I guess it will never end until it's us or them next time collectively.

    I am out of the lupe with Canadian laws, but I was always under the impression that (RCMP) were not armed like British officer, but carried only less lethal weapons such as batons, mase, tazers, cuffs, rubber bullets, etc???

    I guess I was wrong!!!