Thursday, 29 October 2009

What can we do to help?

If you have any more information you can e-mail in at: jeffhughesrip@

The best thing we can do is to link this blog to web forums and news sites that are discussing the shooting etc The best two threads here are:

I would like to thank the SF mod for taking these pictures and giving a accurate account of the events-these will prove invaluable.

Simple fact: The more we link this site, the more people will know the truth.


  1. The truth is Jeff had a weapon and was threatening police. The cops had a history of not helping him because quite often he was the cause of his own problems. By passing out hateful materials and constantly spewing his hateful comments at people who were different from him.
    RIP Jeff, maybe others will learn from your mistakes.

  2. If Jeff had a weapon the cops would have produced it to the media allready,they first said he had a gun now they change their story to what appeared to be a weapon.

  3. Anonymous, I've seen some of the materials Jeff passed out, and I didn't see anything "hateful" about them. And just what kind of "weapon" did he allegedly have? It sure wasn't a gun. I think the only mistakes made in this case were by the RCMP.

  4. I live in Nanaimo, and I'm a white nationalist. Anything I can do?

    Also, where can I find the materials that Jeff passed out? I would like to pass around the same materials.